Are you a singer or a rocker? Join us and find out! Secrets are revealed and life's not easy if you want to balance family, friends, love and your career. Especially if you're an artist.

Pierre Bouvier - Taken

Occupation : Vocalist

Band : Simple Plan

Age, D.O.B : 32. May 9 1979

Secret : In love with Taylor Swift and her baby’s father

Bio : Pierre was a vocalist for a pop-punk band called Simple Plan. He’s cocky and arrogant but in a good and funny way. He’s also very inappropriate. He goes on tours and lives the rock star life but one day he met Taylor Swift, the love of his life. They had a brief fling and got her pregnant. She got mad at him and asked him to leave. Now he’s back in New York with his band trying to fix things with her.

Jeff Stinco

Occupation : Lead Guitarist

Band : Simple Plan

Age, D.OB : 33. August 22 1978

Secret : Secretly depressed

Bio : Jeff was living every rocker’s dream. Going on tours around the world with a popular band but he doesn’t seem to think so about himself. He has lived a hard life with his family and past relationships. Jeff never asked for all of this fame and fortune but he gets it anyway. He was depressed but no one knows because he keeps a very convincing facade.

David Desrosiers

Occupation : Lead Bassist 

Band : Simple Plan

Age, D.OB : 31. August 29 1980

Secret : He sleeps around to get noticed 

Bio : David was cocky but lovable. Annoying but funny. Emo but happy. He can’t be described with words because he keeps changing his appearance and sometimes his personality. He has mood swings that’s really annoying but he’s as lovable as everyone else. David was a little bit on the loner side but when there’s a party he’s always going home with someone.

Sebastian Lefebre

Occupation : Guitarist 

Band : Simple Plan

Age, D.OB : 30. June 5 1981

Secret : Up to RPer

Bio : Sebastian was a sweetheart and the most romantic one of the band. The others usually ask him advice on everything. His life was going on swell until he met Avril Lavigne. He fell in love with her but she didn’t return her feelings for him, leaving him heart broken. Sebastian now takes advice from Taylor Swift, he’s still on good terms with her even though she hates one of his best friends.

Chuck Comeau

Occupation : Drummer

Band : Simple Plan

Age, D.O.B : 32. September 17 1979

Secret : Up to RPer

Bio : Chuck was the man whore of the band. He sleeps around with girls and enjoys the life style. He always says that he loves being a womanizer but deep down he really wants to settle down someday and have a wife and kids. Chuck turns to Taylor Swift and Sebastian for advice because they’re the only one who knew about his deep down desires

Alex Gaskarth

Occupation : Vocalist, rhythm guitarist

Band : All Time Low

Age, D.O.B : 24. December 14 1987

Secret : Hated by his parents

Bio : Alex may seem all happy and hyper on the outside but his heart is breaking on the inside. He was never good enough for his parents and he never will be. His parents never cared about him like he did with his brother, Daniel Gaskarth who’s a singer. He expressed all his sadness into song so everyone who’s suffering from the same thing can go through it together with him

Jack Barakat

Occupation : Lead guitarist

Band : All Time Low

Age, D.O.B : 22. June 18 1988

Secret : Up to RPer

Bio : Jack has always been thought of the boy who made all the wrong choices by the press. He dated a porn star who tricked him into giving him his money and has bad anger issues when he’s talked about. No one knows why he has temper tantrums and low restraint on anger. Jack has been hiding a secret from everyone and it’s a big one.

Zack Merrick 

Occupation : Lead bassist

Band : All Time Low

Age, D.O.B : 22. April 21 1988

Secret : Closeted Homo-sexual and In love with Rian Dawson

Bio : Zack has had a hard life with staying inside the closet. He’s in love with a fellow band mate Rian Dawson. He knew that Rian is as straight as can be so he kept his feelings for him inside. He likes to spend time alone and what he does is skateboard and think about Rian. 

Rian Dawson

Occupation : Drummer

Band : All Time Low

Age, D.O.B : 24. 18 December 1987

Secret : Up to RPer

Bio : Rian was the one who’s nice to everyone. He’s always happy and never sad. He’s been sensing that one of his best friends and fellow band mates, Zack Merrick may have a crush on him but he shook it off thinking it was just his cocky self talking. He thought that Zack was not a homo sexual but he’s been questioning himself if he is one.

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