Are you a singer or a rocker? Join us and find out! Secrets are revealed and life's not easy if you want to balance family, friends, love and your career. Especially if you're an artist.

Taylor Swift - Taken

Occupation : Singer

Age, D.O.B : 22. 13 December 1989

Secret : In love with Pierre Bouvier and her baby’s father

Bio : Taylor Swift was the country’s pop sweetheart until she got pregnant and has a baby boy. No one knows who’s the baby’s father is. Every magazine and press will pay a lot of money to know but no one stepped up. Taylor’s baby, Charlie looked an awful lot like his father Pierre Bouvier and a lot of people noticed. She says that she hates him but she’ still secretly in love with him. With Pierre and the band coming back to New York, things are shaking up.

Selena Gomez

Occupation : Singer

Age, D.O.B : 19. July 22 1992

Secret : Closeted lesbian

Bio : Selena has always been seen as the sweet heart from Disney until everyone found out that she lost her virginity to Zack Merrick, bassist of All Time Low. She knew he was a closeted homo-sexual but she kept it to herself, not wanting people to make fun of him. She was also a closeted gay but she cares about her image to much to come out and tell everyone about it.

Avril Lavigne

Occupation : Singer

Age, D.O.B : 27. 27 September 1984

Secret : In love with Sebastian Lefebvre

Bio : Avril was the girl punk rocker singer of the generation. Her music was sometimes soft and sometimes hard. She met Sebastian Lefebvre and fell in love with him. She wants to deny the feelings but it kept coming back to her. Avril told him that she felt nothing at all for him, even though it was a lie. 

Hayley Williams 

Occupation : Vocalist

Band : Paramore

Age, D.O.B : 23. December 27 1988

Secret : Up to RPer

Bio : Hayley was a really nice girl with a bubbly personality. Her music is a little bit on the rock side but that doesn’t mean she’s emo right? she never cared about what people think of her, never did she want to. Hayley tried to keep away from the press but they keep coming back to her. She finally lost her temper and hit one with a chair, now she’s being sued for harassment.

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